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Welcome to Capital Consultants

At Capital Consultants our motto is “Consider it done”.

Capital Consultants, Inc. was formed in 1982 to cover the increasing needs for personnel and tradesman in the Petroleum industry. Our goal was to supply professional tradesman support for our sister company Capital Welding & Fabrication. Now over 20 years later we are known as a top supplier of “blue collar” skilled tradesman both nationally and internationally in the Petroleum and shipyard/marine Industry.

Our talent ranges from unskilled labors, skilled tradesman, experienced professionals and college level management. Our dedicated staff has served our clients for many years adapting to changing cultures and economical impacts. We have strategic placed locations throughout the US to support our operations. We have the privilege to serve nationally known corporations such as General Dynamics, Exxon/Mobil, BAE, Marine Hydraulics International,    Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. Chevron, Tampa Ship and many small businesses. By getting to know our clients and their company culture we have successfully expanded our talent pool to provide “white collar” professionals through upper management.

Relationship building is the fundamental core of our business and it’s why we excel every time in finding our clients the right personnel who will bring excellence to their organization. We get to know your company, your values, your culture, your projects and those requirements that compliment your workforce; you will increase your bottom line and have more time to focus on business.